Babylonjs/core 6.27.1 mesh.actionManager.hasSpecificTriggers2 is not a function

When I use the latest version of babylonjs 6.27.1, I sometimes encounter the error that “ActionManager.HasSpecificTriggers2 is not a function” when using new ActionManager and registerAction, but I did not encounter this error in my previous version 6.24.0.

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That’s an intriguing error - to my knowledge, nothing on ActionManager was changed between these two versions. :thinking: Let’s try to get to the bottom of this :slight_smile: First things first, are you able to reproduce this error on our Playground environment ( Babylon.js Playground (, or does it happen only in your project?

I’m sorry. I tried, but it’s not reproduced in our Playground environment. And in my own projects, this is an occasional mistake

No problem, knowing that it’s not reproducible in the PG is already a clue of itself :slight_smile: When you say “occasional”, is it a frequent error or very rare? Also, how do the imports in your file look like?

This is so weird as I do not even understand how it is possible. Any thing you can share about it would be great ?

This is a frequent mistake in my projects, and occasionally it doesn’t come up.
Are these what you mean by imports

I find it strange, too, that this is no different from the way I wrote it before. I may not have found the real problem yet, but looking at the source code, I think that this error should not have happened

I made a visibilitychange monitor。Will stop scene render when the page is minimized。Something like this

I found that scene render stops when an error occurs and my scene is black. When I minimized it and cut it back, everything was fine

I missed an important piece of information, this mesh is generated by clone, whether this is different from the normal one

Wait you are cloning the mesh with an action manager ?

I think I have a repro with cloning let me see what I can do.

PR is here Fix shallow copies of referenced objects by sebavan · Pull Request #14486 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Oh ! great! Thank you for your commitment to babylonjs!