Add font letter spacing

Increase the spacing between fonts to meet requirements

Are you talking about kerning?

Are you talking about within the Babylon.js Gui?

If not please clarify.

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Yes, I need to adjust the word spacing, and ask if there is this content in the Forum


I did that in my UI experiments, there is a “letterSpacing” param for a standard textBlock element with this.

:slight_smile: make sure to vote for me in the UI Contest, I want that book to put on my shelf <3.

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Sorry, I can’t open this link :neutral_face:

Opens for me ??

That’s odd, must be codesandbox not liking your browser or something?

Its setup wonky because of private stuff on the original class but there are ways around those errors.

Right Text Alignment is broken on this, but that should be a simple logic fix.

You can add a PR on GitHub. We need this attribute

Adding @carolhmj and @RaananW our gui hero

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@Pryme8, want to submit a PR?

Uuuuuhhhhh if I get time here I guess.

Kinda stacked and it does not support right alignment yet.

I believe that the GUI experts of Babylon can solve this problem :face_with_peeking_eye:

I am sure @Pryme8 knows this already

There are lots of things that lots of people want on Babylon.js. The great thing about this community is that members know it is OK to ask if is possible for someone to do something but accept no as an answer.

Take a step back from saying yes @Pryme8 if you need to, your priorities, health and well being are more important. You already contribute so much to this community.


THAT :arrow_up:

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That’s all good :slight_smile:

I’ll create the issue on our repo. Comment there if you started working on that, but no stress if you don’t. We’ll find the time and add the feature in the future

@brightMoon might also be interested in submitting a PR :smiley:

Here is the fix for right alignment.


Please don’t scold me for this :grimacing: but an alternative work-around is using alt codes between characters:

  • hair space : &#8202; or &hairsp;
  • 6-per-em space : &#8198; (no character reference available)
  • narrow no-break space : &#8239; (no character reference available)
  • thin space : &#8201; or &thinsp;
  • 4-per-em space : &#8197; or &emsp14;
  • non breaking space : &#160; or &nbsp;
  • punctuation space : &#8200; or &puncsp;
  • 3-per-em space : &#8196; or &emsp13;
  • en space : &#8194; or &ensp;
  • figure space : &#8199; or &numsp;
  • em space : &#8195; or &emsp;

Are there other whitespace codes like &nbsp for half-spaces, em-spaces, en-spaces etc useful in HTML? - Stack Overflow

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