Add grid to scene

hello ,
I’m new with babylon and i’m tried to create my scene exactly like unity scene (grid all attach to scene )

any help ?
thansk !:slight_smile:

This is probably a job for the GridMaterial:


thanks for u help @Deltakosh but it’s possible to have this GridMaterial in all my scene ? and also proportional ??

Well it is up to you to use a very large ground (or move it the way you want)

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and how i can add icon for gizmos (to rotate scene or camera) ?

Gizmos: Use Gizmos (eg. Drag arrow, Bounding box) - Babylon.js Documentation

Sorry for the inconvenience @Deltakosh but it’s possible to have a infinite ground ?
i’m using :
this.ground = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround(‘ground1’, 100000, 100000, 2, this.scene);
but it’s still not infinite :confused:

you can set it to this.ground.infiniteDistance = true