Add Physics Imposter to object with a parent

I have a problem!!, I am trying to add physics impostor to a model that I downloaded from mixamo (a zombie), but I always get this error:
logger.ts:107 BJS - [12:51:37]: A physics impostor has been created for an object which has a parent. Babylon physics currently works in local space so unexpected issues may occur.

this is what I do:

and this is the model:

Amigo, usa inglés, por favor, para que no tengamos que usar un traductor para entender tu pregunta, ¡paz!

ready, I just put it in English!!

I don’t know why it works with the dummy models that babylon has on its github, but if you download another mixamo model, it doesn’t work. In this example here it works perfectly since it is with one of those models that babaylon has in its git repository: