Gravity problem

Hi all!
I’ve build a little figure and now I would to use physics. My goal is, that the figure falls down if the figure leaves the brink. But that isn’t so easy…
Here the link: Babylon.js Playground

You would need to add an impostor for the player as well.

Impostor? What do you mean? Can you give me a example?

You could start looking into all the examples here: Using A Physics Engine | Babylon.js Documentation

Basically if you want to use a phisics engine the relationship between your visual elements (meshes) and the physics engine is done through imposters.

Can somebody give me a playground example with the player in Babylon.js Playground ?

I’ve tried that too, but than I can’t control the player.

Oh, that was so clear… :roll_eyes:
Thanks for your help!

Thanks again!

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