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Hey Everyone!

Around here, we all embrace the “Open” in Open-source with all our hearts. To that end I want to transparently and openly share with you all about a small change we’ve introduced to 6 of our hosted web pages this week.

Just like with any healthy tech platform, there is a long list of wishes, desires, and dreams for where we’d like to take Babylon.js. In order to make sure that we’re focusing our development on the most impactful areas of the entire ecosystem, we want to better understand how often people visit 6 of our hosted web pages:

This week we’re introducing Google Analytics visit tracking to these 6 web pages. We have limited analytics tracking to visits ONLY. We are not interested in anything beyond raw visit counts to these 6 websites as a means of understanding how much traffic each site gets. This will allow us to help understand how much importance each one of these sites plays in the overall developer ecosystem surrounding Babylon. These 6 hosted websites are NOT going away, we’re just simply trying to understand how much each site is used.

There are ZERO analytics or data collection of ANY kind associated with the Babylon.js engine itself and we are dead set on it staying that way!

Additionally, if you have any perspectives, thoughts, or stories, you’d like to share about how any of these 6 resources has been particularly useful or helpful to you, we’d love to hear about it, so please feel free to reply.

Thanks everyone for your continued passion and dedication to this platform and community!



That’s a good thing. I like what I’m reading here. We sure do need the KPI and metrics, yet without selling the soul and the spirit of BJS :innocent: to the lure of collecting personal information without even knowing what we would do with it. We need to make use of what’s available to us to strenghten our position, improve visibility and in fine, make the right decisions. In short, I’m totally commited to this move and, in general, I’m very happy with all the fundamentals of this awesome framework (and the work of the com and marketing team). Long live BJS :crown: :smiley:


Not sure how much value this would bring to others, but I would be curious to see the analytics somewhere around the resources. Give some insights/transparency into their uses. Just a thought :slight_smile:


Love the transparency :v:.

We’re also trying to be good web citizens at Smplrspace and we chose as our analytics tool. It’s built with privacy in mind, ensures nobody makes a mistake that ends up collecting unwanted data, and even has opt-in public dashboard.

Thought i’d share as it can be interesting to folks in this thread.

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We’re absolutely planning on sharing the visit data transparently with the community so we can all have insight into how the various sites are used.