Adding blur to skybox


Can I add blur on the skybox in the scene? I could do that in some image editor and then load those textures, but I wonder if there is some simple approach to do that in the code.


You can do this by tweaking the roughness/microSurface value of the skybox material.
This definitely works with .dds, .env and .hdr textures for the environment.

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That kinda helps me. Thank you

    var hdrTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("/skyboxes/dds/", scene);
    var blur = .08; //.1 is totally blurry. .01 is not blurry at all
    var myskybox = scene.createDefaultSkybox(hdrTexture, true, 10000, blur);
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Is there a way to adjust the skybox blur after the skybox has been created?

Hi. I am not sure if I understood your issue properly, but it sounds like above solution applies to your issue.

You can even somehow dynamically control microSurface value and adjust the blurriness as you wish (with a slider for example).

Hi @nogalo thanks for the response. The flagged solution here only kinda works – it looks like that’s just reducing the resolution of the skybox material to simulate blur rather than actually applying a blur filter of some sort. For something like scene.createDefaultSkybox(hdrTexture, true, 10000, blurParam), I want to be able to adjust blurParam after I’ve created the skybox, but I can’t find how to do that.