Adding color to voronoi noise in NME

I am trying to add colours to the cells/tiles that come out of the voronoi noise generator? How can one do that?
Thank you

You can use the cellid

quick test here:

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Thanks Cedric, helps! I am trying to make a PBR material with colored voronoi noise as a texture, without color I connected the noise to roughness, now with colored texture Am wondering how to connect to roughness, or should I connect it to something else within the PBR metallic roughness work flow?

I’ve connected cellid to a gradient to show the value more clearly. you can connect it to roughness I think but I’m not sure of the range. I believe cell id is an integer value so you’ll have to rescale it to 0…1 to have a valid roughness.

Can the roughness texture( assuming generated by the noise) embed the color as well?

Roughness takes a scalar value in the nme(yellow), if i connect cellid to roughness it works, however after coloring with the gradient it becomes a vector, how do I connect this to roughness of PBR?

gradient was meant to show the cellid. it’s not mean to be used with pbr.