Noise material in babylonjs

Hello guys i am trying to create this noise effect on the material

i tried nme but the Voronoi noise is outputting cells not points
and i tried noise texture but its the same as the voronoi
i created this shader with blender
is there any way i can re-create it in babylon nme or babylon material
or is there a way to export the shader from blender or bake it to use it in babylon ?

You can a Perlin Noise just fine: Babylon.js Node Material Editor (

If you can get the shader code from Blender nodes, you could use it as any other Shader material in Babylon.

i used perlin too in the playground but it doesn’t give me the noise i need if you can see the picture the noise is points not cells or perlin.
what i have to do to get the noise like the picture ?

What do you mean exactly by “points”? I thought the noise you meant was like this part?

Do you mean this grain like effect?

yeah the second picture do you see the noise like grain points

There are many ways of doing it.

You can use Node Material Editor
An easier method is create a PBRMaterial and use the MetallicRoughness channel with a “Flakes” texture and Clear Coat.

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What did you use in the Blender shader to create this grainy effect?

I used these nodes

It seems the Perlin3D block can do it:

Just take two of them + two Gradient blocks as in your screenshot and that should be ok.


Thank you this is better i did add more than one and it gave me an effect similar of what i wanted