Advice on playing two animations at once for avatar ( see playground )

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I saw in some old forum posts it should be possible to play two animations at once. The example above trying to walk and nod the head at the same time. It’s mostly working except somehow hitching at some point during the animations and wondering if anyone had some advice. I have done everything in the code I could find to make sure they are additive and blended enabled.

Also there is a comment about another, shorter nod animation in the setInterval which glitches less. There have been some exports as well with very short nod animations that did not glitch at all.

Only the head bone is being animated for nod.


Back again with updated playground:

This is what it looks like setup for blender export:

I am no blender expert but checked with the artist into it. There seems to be no keyframes on anything except the head for the nod.

Should it be able to blend together with the walk animation then or am I missing something ?

Might be a good @Vinc3r or @JCPalmer question. I am so terrible at art tools…

I’m not into character animation so can’t help a lot here. Maybe try to bake animation before export? (don’t save after baking) 3D viewport → Object → Animation → Bake Action

I can have them give that a try! Though I’m not certain that’s going to help these blend together

I am going off this old @Deltakosh post from a while back: Playing Multiple Animation Groups at Once

Hey @Vinc3r thanks for looking! I think that had the opposite effect though because now during the nod animation you can see rest of the body has frames baked in. Where in previous example no keys except on the head resulting in t-pose so it won’t conflict with walk animation.

Ah, have more issues with blender export before we can worry about this. Found the cool SkeletonViewer in another thread! Will see how the code works when we have 1 skeleton :sweat_smile:

Hi @br-matt just checking in, do you still have issues? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for checking in :slight_smile: We ended up starting a new thread though and it was solved here: Getting duplicated armatures when exporting character with animation layers (Nodding and Walking) - #13 by br-matt