Animation group blending with glb file

Hi, I am trying to get smooth blending transitions between two animation groups here:

Can anyone help or tell me what Im doing wrong?

FYI I am very new to coding and babylon so I’m going off the great babylon documentation. I would also be interested in some paid mentorship or training if its available?

Hello there! @PatrickRyan will be the perfect person to answer this :slight_smile:

@Aleebster, when I was looking at your scene, I noticed some strangeness with the animation property overrides. We are looking into it to either update the engine or the docs, but there is something missing. In the meantime, if you use the overrides at the scene level, they will work for you. I made a couple small changes to your playground to set overrides at the scene level and to add a function to handle the change of the active animation group playing. This way you can easily pass the correct group to switch to and not have to remember what animation group sits at which point of the animation groups array.

Hopefully this unblocks you for today and when I can circle up with the team about the overrides, I will ping back.


Thank you Patrick! You are a gentleman and a scholar :grin:
I have spent way too much time trying to fix this!

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