AIRNORIA Flight Simulator

Hello all amazing people!

I was dreaming about creating games since I was a kid. But only this year I finally give it a shot. And thanks to BABYLON (and all other wonderful libs and tools) which took a lot of heavy lifting, I was able to create something that is close to be called a game. Thank you all for making this possible. Yet game is far from done, and many plans and mechanics are waiting in line, and some code should be rewritten as I can tell now, UX might be improved, campaign story should be written, different types of levels, texturing, postprocessing, all that stuff is ahead. Maybe even railguns and multiplayer will be added. But first, I’ve decided to implement final missing core peace of my plan, and that is monetization.
Still, you already can enjoy some flight experience, which I guess is always cool)

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, my first game.


  • Free fly your airship across big open levels
  • Complete freight jobs between 4 locations, earn credits and experience
  • Pay attention to fuel usage, ship damage and cargo safety
  • Avoid meteors and lava lakes
  • Enjoy ambient sounds and music
  • Choose from camera presets or free camera


arrows - steering
space - accelerate
v - reverse
c - camera position change
q - free camera mode (control with mouse)
r - ship restore
esc - menu/pause

Thanks again to creators of BABYLON and this wonderful forum community!

Feedback is much appreciated, comment are welcome.


This is EPIC! The music, flying is amazing! I love the feeling of the ship when you the rise and fall. Idk if this is realistic as I am not a flight expert but it feels really fun. Suggestion: I would love when I steered left and right if the ship tilted a little more. Great work!

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Very good job!

Here are my comments on your game (in version 0.5.28):

  • There are some issues with front collisions with mountains (the spaceship half disappears in the mountain and slides a bit strangely along the mountain)
  • On the thank you page, the discord link redirects to your twitter account
  • It would be nice if the “altitude”, “hull” and “cargo” values would change color/size when a critical value is reached
  • There’s a bit too much lava for my taste, would have been nice to have other types of obstacles: magnetic field that jams the radar, sandstorm that makes the spacecraft drift or fog to reduce visibility
  • It would also be nice to see on the route some wrecks of spaceships crashed on the ground to underline the dangerous aspect of air transport on Airnoria. (and why not, in a future version add some very dangerous spaceship rescue missions to earn more credits!)
  • On the map view I have only 11fps with Firefox (32fps with Chrome), and only 22<->30fps during the flight with Firefox (45<->60fps with Chrome)
  • I love the soundtrack and the visual atmosphere of the game!

I can’t wait to see the next version!


thank you so much for feedback and sorry about steering, I can do better)

fps in firefox is lower I know, that’s something that we have to bear with. Still, profiling also waits for me with smile on a face

you can open inspector on shift+z and try to play with fog and stuff
(inspector may be removed from build in future)

q to arc camera, shift+a to hide hud

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OMG! Cool, man!

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