All cameras seem to be stuck to (0, 0, 0) in chrome / babylon 6

Hey, encountering some strange issues with cameras. I tried visiting the documentation and playgrounds they link to in order to confirm this. The universal camera example is showing the behavior as well. I tried free camera, fly camera, universal camera, and arc rotate camera. Arc rotate camera appears to be the only one functioning as expected. For the other cameras, I can set their start position to anywhere, and when I use those minimal code examples and press an arrow key to move, the camera snaps to (0, 0, 0). If I hold an arrow key, for example the right arrow key, I can see via logging, gizmos, and static objects on screen that the local/global position of the camera x coordinate reaches a maximum value of 1 as long as the key is held. When I release the key, the camera quickly drifts back to (0, 0, 0).

Is this the intended behavior for all of those cameras? Is there a camera meant for just panning around a scene without snapping to a target point? Sorry for the verbosity, I can’t seem to find this behavior/bug described anywhere online.

Not yet sure if this is a bug or I’m misunderstanding some basic camera config, I hope this is in the correct forum :slight_smile:

edit: I am not sure if this will help clarify but I just found that camera inertia affects the symptoms. If it is closer to 0 the camera cannot move at all. If it is 1, the mouse drag rotation is unwieldy but the arrow keys can move without snapping back to the scene root. The initial movement still jumps to 0,0,0 no matter where it is initially positioned, though. I hope this additional detail can help determine what is going on so I can properly begin my babylonjs journey.

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It’s supposed to be a bug. Probably because of the weekend, it hasn’t been dealt with yet.

Until this bug is fixed, a quick solution would be to turn on collisions for the camera, or add a parent node to the camera

Thank you! That does appear to be the issue I am experiencing. Since this is a bug instead of a config question, I suppose that resolves this post. I will keep an eye on yours, thanks for the fix, can confirm that works too!

It’s a bug indeed, we will deal with this problem asap on Monday!

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