Allow the Camera Input managers to be used without a camera

Random Sunday observation – I’ve been reading through the various Camera Input Managers (ex: freeCameraGamepadInput, freeCameraMouseWheelInput, etc.) and the only thing I keep thinking of is “holy crap this is exactly what I need”, followed by “I shouldn’t have to copy/paste to adapt this to my usage”, and quickly followed up by “The base input manager stuff shouldn’t be confined to the cameras”, and finally “I should post a feature request about this” :slight_smile:

Really though – the various XXXCameraYYYInput classes contain a lot of boilerplate code that would be very useful for people writing higher-level input management components (e.g., game development) where the input controls aren’t camera-based and there could be multiple Scenes being managed as part of the overall application.

Thanks for making such clean, readable code to smash n’ grab research!

Hmmm… It does make sense… :slight_smile:

Is the idea making those a bit more abstract and not depend on a specific type of camera? So you could add it to a player mesh (for example), and not only the FPS camera?


What have you done indeed!!?! :sunglasses::laughing:

Yeah, you’ve got the idea - setting up controls and accounting for all the quirks around canvas blur, sensitivity, etc are already being done by all those fine CameraInputManagers, and it’s none of it really specific to cameras only.

Idea being a developer would only need to implement logic to subscribe handlers for game/simulation logic


Fair enough. Sounds like this could become a useable idea (if it’s correctly translated, in code and architecture;)