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Hello everyone,

I was curious if those who are familiar with Amazon Sumerian Hosts, if you have been able to get custom host models working. I have searched virtually everywhere, and am running into the issue of finding models with compatible animations (i.e. idle animation, lip sync animation, face idle animation, blink animation, poi animation, etc.) All of these are required in order to import a host model.

Please let me know if you know a way to do this, or have links to compatible models for sale. I definitely want to purchase some if the animations work.

Amazon Sumerian Hosts Repository:

Thank you

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! I’m not very familiar with Sumerian Hosts (it’s a very cool project through!), but I wonder if Ready Player Me avatars might have them? Metaverse 3D Avatar Creator | Ready Player Me. I’ll also ask @PatrickRyan who is our art god and has been working with avatars quite a bit :smiley:

Thank you. Yes it is great, the only downside is the animations of the avatar has to be very specific. Here is the path of the custom avatar example animations (avatar must be glTF and have glb animations assets).

I will check out the Metaverse avatar creator, thank you!

@Gene, I have not used Sumerian Hosts, but if you are looking to retarget animation from one of their avatars to a custom avatar, it should be possible. The main concern is that you either need to build your custom avatar on the same skeleton as the Sumerian Host, or you need to create an abstraction layer for bone names to path between dissimilar skeletons. You will find that if the skeletons differ greatly - for example the animation is sourced from a skeleton with 4 spine bones and retargeting to a skeleon with 1 spine bone - the animations won’t look right. However, if you are simply dealing with a skeleton that does not match the naming convention of the source skeleton, a naming abstraction layer will work well.

We also have some planned work coming after the release of 6.0 to make avatar and animation management easier. For now, though, simple retargeting is possible like in this example where we are importing a mesh with one animation and a second glb with animation only in it and retargeting.

If you have more specific questions about the process, feel free to ping back.

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