Building an Avatar for a ChatBot

Hello !

I’m working on a SmartMirror powered by Node-RED and various opensource components (Yes an article HowTo do a Mirror is on it’s way).

We did a first Mirror with AWS technologies like Sumerian (a web-unity-like saas tool):

Now we’d like to do the same with Microsoft Technologies and BabylonJS on an other mirror:

But, it’s hard for a n00b like me

  • I tried Mixamo + custom model throught Blender but path to BabylonJS is complicated :slight_smile: may be a Unity way to do it ?
  • Where can I find a low-poly GLTF humanoid or monster or robot with rig & talking animation to give it a try ?
  • I assume BabylonJS can trigger GLTF animation 1, 2, 3 like sumerian ?
  • How much and where should I go for a “tailored” humanoid after ?

I’m sorry for my newbie questions :slight_smile:

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Welcome my friend :slight_smile:
Can’t help on the model questions but for the gltf animations, we can do everything supported by the file format. Some examples of controlled animations: or (by the way this dummy guy was exported from Unity using