Animations on Instanced/Cloned models

Hi all, really digging such advanced support for instancing/cloning/thin instancing in babylon.

Quick question: if importing gltf/glb models with baked animations and then instancing them, will those instances be able to play those animations? If not instancing, would cloning?

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as per my experience, Yes, I have successfully applied animations on instance/clones/thininstances

I may be mistaken, but to accomplish the above, I feel that a deep-level understanding of the engine and graphics is needed :stuck_out_tongue:

So far, I haven’t been able to create instances from an imported .babylon animated asset and have all of their skeletons animate independently. I’ve just been using clones in the meantime and only use instances for non-animating assets with the same material

Both instances and clones support skeleton / bone animations,

Instances are more lightweight and can only play the same animation(/same frame) on all instances at the same time, instances take 1 drawcall total.
Clones can play seperate animations at the same time, clones take 1 drawcall per clone.