An Adventure with the Babylon.js GUI System!

And you don’t find it ‘a scandal’ to play with people’s minds just like this? :wink: I mean, I have been studying the BJS GUI for 2 years. If there’s anything more to it (and I hope there is), I want to know about it just right now :grin: Don’t you?

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The Babylon.js Summer GUI Adventure continues:

If you stop and think about this for a second, it’s actually a really compelling solution to a problem that we all take for granted. Babylon.js is an awesome rendering/game engine! Hard to argue with that! However we don’t just want to render things. We want to create compelling INTERACTIVE experiences don’t we? It’s one thing to have a 3D scene, it’s another thing entirely to have easy-to-use systems that empower you to interact with those scenes. The Babylon.js GUI allows you to do exactly that! With the power of the Babylon.js GUI and the ease of using the Babylon.js GUI Editor, creating truly interactive virtual worlds has really never been easier. How easy?

Stay tuned to find out.

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Nice interface. I like the buttons.


ahem, let’s try this again without fat-fingering send.

@PirateJC don’t think I didn’t notice your profligate sticking of the word “Space” in front of the name! I’ll let you get away with it because you didn’t include the dash “-” that would have made it “Space-Pirate”. That’s getting dangerously close to “Space-Truckers” territory! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s real purdy, BTW

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At least, you noticed it AND replied to it. You know, the way I see it, this is just smart communication :wink:
Fair enough, isn’t it? :grin:

Hey Everyone!

We’ve got some exciting news! Are you looking for something fun to do this summer?

It’s time to officially announce our Summer GUI Adventure, a friendly contest to encourage you to learn more about the Babylon.js GUI System and GUI Editor.

The top 5 winners of this contest will receive a free signed copy of the upcoming Babylon.js book. Signed by none other than the famous @jelster, author and beloved community member!

Here’s how the Adventure will work:

  1. Choose a path: Start with either the Space Pirate’s GUI Playground OR the Space Pirates GUI Editor Playground OR start from scratch and create your own awesome experience.
  2. Starting with either baseline project, extend it, advance it, evolve it, build something cool with it! Either through code or the GUI Editor. What should build? The choice is yours!!! The Sky’s the limit!
  3. Each week, we’ll post here on the forum and on twitter with something new about the GUI. The dev team will be sending out our own version of the playground as we advance it each week. Reply on either twitter, here on the forum, or both with your weekly progress!
  4. At the end of the summer (date TBD) we’ll ask everyone to submit what they’ve created.
  5. The top 5 “winners” will be selected by a panel of judges from the Babylon.js dev team including: @Deltakosh, @sebavan, @RaananW, @bghgary, @PatrickRyan, @srzerbetto, @Cedric, @carolhmj, @thomlucc

The judges will be looking at each submission for: Creativity, Humor, and Breadth of GUI Usage (how much of the GUI system your experience uses).

Final submission date to be announced later this summer.

We sincerely cannot wait to see what you all create!!!


As I mentioned on Twitter, it’s one thing to get a book signed by YT, however it’s another altogether if the book were signed by the BJS team!

Here’s the sweetened pot - After I sign the winner’s copies, I’ll ship them (via Space-Trucker, natch!) over to BJS HQ where @PirateJC et al will make the books into true collectors items by adding their much-more valuable names as co-signees.

No stinginess here, we are talking metallic ink markers for the autographs, not some cheap ballpoint!

There may even be additional bonus giveaways for people whose submissions fulfill a “mystery requirement” (spoiler: the mystery requirement involves trucks. In space.)!


That’s no spoiler. I’d say this is just a communication tactic of yours to get more visibility and reclaim your kingdom. Admit it :grin:You haven’t yet digested that @PirateJC slightly entered your private garden, isn’t it so? :laughing:

Such an awesome idea @jelster ! And a great summary!

The signed copies of the books will have signatures from the the brilliant @jelster and members of the core Babylon.js dev team. I love it!

Wonderful idea!


I admit nothing!! There are no tanks in Baghdad! :laughing::sunglasses:

So from what I can see here, as of today, it will be ‘ez as pie’ for me to get my free copy of this ‘booklet’ (that’s the result of just 2 n half years of ‘minimal effort’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:signed by people who don’t even have a million followers on instacrap. :grinning:) But then, who knows, may be in 20 years I will be able to sell it for a good price :money_mouth_face: Doesn’t matter anyway, and even if I don’t read it and will likely not learn anything from it :grin: :stuck_out_tongue:, having one more book in my bookshelf will certainly make it look like I’m cultured. :nerd_face: :wink:

So, thanks Guys for making things such ez on me. ‘GUI in Space’, is it?
Incidentally, I have ‘space’ for my latest WIP project which will eventually one day become a ’ Project Space Museum’. For now, the project should rather be called ‘Empty unfinished structure in Space’ but the good point is that, as of just now, it also has absolutely zero GUI.

So let me just re-order the list of priorities for this project and start working on GUI. Actually more than just one GUI. This scene shall have 2D and 3D GUI to interact with (later to come) arts and artefacts on display. There will be GUI for meshes (if only for the 5 elevators controls and museum and private areas admittance). There shall be a 3D GUI with holo effect to interact with the sphere (which in the end will display video footage, and also interact with hotspots disseminated along the 3-levels visitors path of this (TbD) space museum. Of course, there shall be an FS GUI to change the settings, graphics, pp, Kb, etc…GUI, GUI, GUI.

I don’t have much time right now and it’s also too hot :sun_with_face: :parasol_on_ground: :dark_sunglasses: :lotion_bottle: for working at my place during these summer holidays, but then…yes, since apparently only few of Yours are willing to take this challenge, I believe with just a minimal effort, I should be able to win this contest fingers in the nose and kick some a***s :grin:.
…Or isn’t it so? :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It is very pretty. I wish you to win the trophy…

I don’t participate for various reasons. I would not be able to read the book in English (unless there is a French translation). I’m not very attracted by game themes in space, even if I really like everything that is the universe, the stars and all the sciences around that, but sky-fi games are not my thing.

In any case I wish you to be part of 5 first.

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In truth, neither am I… but you have to take opportunities as they come, yes? :grinning: :wink:

Point noted. Wish that I could accommodate you! Maybe in success…

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@jelster I believe I could probably help with that (among others such as @Deltakosh :wink:). Of course, success and an incentive :stuck_out_tongue: will be key :grin:

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Woot! this is massive!

Here is one I was making with code.

There are UI states, animated buttons, value reactive controls, window panes, popup modals and a bunch of other custom controls.

Was just using it to prototype at one point and have actually used code from this in several projects now.

Ohh and I never turned on the moon dial on this one so here is a quick example of that being animated:



Wow, two amazeballs entries already, and each distinctively unique!

This bodes well for the rest of the contest :sunglasses:

Maybe not so good for @mawa, but we encourage competition! :laughing::blue_heart:

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