Countdown to GUI Editor Alpha

Hey everyone,

GUI girl here of Babylon.js wave. Some of you may know that I’ve been working on a super cool project for the last several months. For those who don’t know, we’ve been working on an awesome new tool for our community, the Babylon.js GUI Editor! Well today I have some exciting news!

I’m happy to announce that we will be releasing the GUI Editor public alpha at the end of the month!

In celebration we’re doing another fun countdown on twitter filled with demos and more!! Be sure to head to the Babylon.js twitter and hit that follow button to keep up to date! But just in case we’ll be including links to the tweets in this thread as well.

Let the countdown begin!!!


It must be very helpful for me who haven’t used CSS :kissing_heart:

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Congratulations on this GUI editor.
Too bad twitter is the support for demos. I hate Twitter.

@Dad72 you can also post them here buddy

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I wasn’t saying its to post demos. It was to follow the demos that was added. But I don’t go on this social network.


Looking great! I’m excited to see all the new possibilities with the editor!



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cool. :+1:

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I saw that there was the documentation. It’s awesome.

I noticed that some controls to inform in the doc is missing:

  • inputText
  • ImageButton
  • Checkbox

And there are two links here that lead to this same documentation:

In Saving Locally and Saving To The Snippet Server Link: See Loading GUIs Into The Playground

Otherwise I learned something from the doc. Thank you.

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Aww thank you for your feedback! Huge shoutout to @PirateJC who wrote it up.

We’re still doing some final tweaks on it now so good catch. We’ll be sure to add it in. :wink:

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See you all tomorrow :wink: