Babylon.js GUI User Experience Enhancements

Hey Babylon.js team,

I’ve been following you for a while now, and while Babylon.js might be more of a fun project now, I believe it has the potential to become more mainstream when AR and/or mixed reality blend into the everyday lives of people a bit more with future technology, and introduction of devices such as AR/XR glasses etc. I am a UX designer and future tech & XR enthusiast, and I believe Babylon.js is headed towards the future of UX with new types of interfaces being introduced. I have very solid experience in UX gained from designing small consumer apps through enterprise SaaS platforms for the biggest players on the US market. While your current GUI editor is a nice foundation, it has a great potential to become more suitable for broader audience of designers around the world to take an advantage of interactive 3D environment, its ease of implementation in code, and ease of use overall.

I’m looking at Babylon.js as a great & fun community to be able to help and contribute to, and I would love to discuss how I can be supportive, from the UX standpoint, in making the GUI editor more accessible to a broader audience of designers, and developers through UX enhancements using user experience research and design techniques to turn the editor into a more pleasurable experience designers around the world love to use to craft future environments and experiences.

This is not a business inquiry, rather a fun project to be a part of.

I’m excited to hear back from you, team!


Hi and a VERY warm welcome (from me) to the BJS Community,

I totally agree with just about every word in your post. Incidentally, I’m not a dev, rather a PM, creative -art director, consultant and coordinator that has worked for 2 decades for global companies, creating and managing apps (SaaS, AR/XR) and also became a specialist for CX. Incidentally, I have also mostly worked for the NA market (but also EMEA and APAC). It’s been 2 years and a few now, I decided to investigate BJS and next got cought by it for a number of reasons: 1) The digital culture, true to its roots and true the customer/user 2) The community: Amazing people, mostly highly skilled that share a same vision of a digital relation 3) The tools and doc: The PG, the sandbox, the snipet servers.

As I am a lot involved with CX/UX and UI, I also nearly instantly detected the potential of the BJS GUI, which, although still ‘young’ and ‘unexperienced’ when compared to other UI, is constantly worked and improved by a team of highly skilled and dedicated people. For two years now, I have started telling everyone willing to listen that BJS is now ‘a mature framework’ and beyond this, that it can become a great opportunity to strenghten the digital relation with the customers and followers.

All reasons why any help that would come supporting this idea and vision is already HIGHLY APPRECIATED (at least by me, but I think I can say by other members of the community and the core team aswell).

I’m very much looking forward to your next post and possible contribution that will help raise the success of BJS with global brands and consumers. Again, welcome to the community and
Meanwhile, have a great sunday :sunglasses:

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Honored to have received a reply from the Jedi master himself, haha, thanks for the warm welcome, @mawa! :slight_smile:

I’m sure there are a lot of field experts working on BJS, and I didn’t even remotely want to undermine the tons of expertise put into the current solutions. When it comes to contribution in terms of UX, one of the first lessons history of design teaches us is that there has to be a consensus between the goals of the core team - where BJS is headed - and how the community uses it vs where they think it’s headed. In a human language, for those less familiar with UX, one of the common things successful products share is a tangible mutual goal between the creators and the community. As far as the community part goes, there are quantitative and qualitative UX research techniques that can be used to better understand the goals and motivations of the community members. When it comes to the other part - the BJS team mission, vision, values, goals, beliefs, etc. for BJS - I looked at Babylon.js, the Github repos, I also found this lean brand toolkit but I couldn’t find the mentioned info from the core team (mission, vision, …) anywhere. @mawa could you point me to the right direction, please? Or is there a way to schedule a short (say 30m) call with the team to discuss those things?

Since products are mostly successful due to a set of educated decisions based on real data over time rather than making assumptions, I believe understanding the mentioned about BJS would be a good place to start when it comes to determining the right approach, UX direction, and prioritization of the next steps. Quantitative research within the current community would most likely come next to better understand the current members’ desires, pain points, motivations, etc. What will come afterwards is highly dependent on the insights from the research but I think it would be in the realm of UX enhancements to the current GUI so that a solid foundation can be created, and then build upon in terms of the overall direction dictated by the BJS creators AND community which is usually one of the first steps products take in the stage BJS is currently in to reach general market acceptance. Perhaps, the following assumption of mine is wrong but if one of the goals of BJS is being one of the industry standards in its category, according to The law of diffusion of innovation, there is a tipping point between 15-18% market penetration that allows for a mass market acceptance. Understanding the creators’ vision & direction, and giving the community what it wants by understanding why they use BJS in the first place while simultaneously solving the pain points they experience on the platform helps broaden the active community, and is also a powerful tool in gaining more loyal members further advocating for the platform. :wink:

Did you just delete your most recent post or did I have already too many beers on this sunny at my place sunday afternoon? :wink: :sunglasses:
Anyways, I’m gonna leave the answer to this ghost post :ghost: which I believe I did read for tomorrow, if you don’t mind. It’s soon time for me to start the BBQ :smiley:
But, as an introduction, what I can say is that CX is not just numbers and stats (from the reading of your posts I guess I don’t have to explain this). It’s eventually hard to determine the vision and aspiration of a commercial global company (and all administrators and the management team). It’s probably even harder when you try this exercise with an open and collaborative framework like BJS (I will extend on this later). But there also indicators, people like me (and you I suppose) are able to detect and analyze. See, for example, the fact that you can type 32K signs in this forum (I tested and overshot the number :wink:); The fact that you can delete your post leaving no public trace of it, these are all indicators of the spirit of, at least, how BJS works with the community. As for CX, as I said (I will extend on this later) but it’s already clear that ‘Community’ is a pillar of the CX at BJS.
And then aside from whatever answer and thoughts I can share here, I’m just a simple member, follower and ‘student’. You shall see to the answers that will eventually be given to you by the team and stakeholders. Enough for today. BBQ is calling :smiley: I’ll catch up later, Have a great day :sun_with_face:

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@mawa I edited my post twice because I’m having a few Sunday commitments as well, and a few typos fell through but after 2 edits it got temporarily hidden by Askimet before it gets reviewed and be published back :slight_smile: I appreciate your time invested into replying and guiding me to what I believe is needed for further UX work on the framework, and I’ll wait for the other answers as well! :slight_smile:

We’ll catch up soon! Enjoy your Sunday BBQ, sir! :sun_with_face: :cut_of_meat:

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I am sorry for that. It’s a restriction for new users. But as soon as you get just a little bit more reputation, you will be able to edit your posts like I do with my broken english :wink: I sometimes make like ten edits of a post just because of typos, LOL :grin:
Enjoy your day too :sun_with_face:

@mawa haha, my English has hiccups here and there as well but thanks to whom thought of the ability for us to edit already posted content on here! :smiley: I know my post will be republished, and in the meantime, I’ll be waiting for the others’ answers :slight_smile:

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Yummie; This burger sure looks very inviting to me :yum:

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cc @PirateJC and @carolhmj

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Hey there Adam, welcome to the Babylon community! I can’t express how glad it makes me to have people so excited about our product! That’s how I started, as an excited community member, before getting into this incredibly amazing team! :grin:

About the GUI editor, the version we launched with BJS 5.0 is a beta, so there’s a looot to change and improve, and having feedback from the community is suuuuuper important for that, so thank you for being interested. :smiley:

@theadamvalek I’d also like to extend a warm welcome to the community, or as we like to say around here: “Welcome to the Babylon family!”

I too LOVE your passion for great UX, as @carolhmj mentioned, our GUI Editor is a FIRST Beta version. There’s still a TON that we’d like to do to it to make it better for developers and creators. So our goals are very aligned to yours.

If you’re interested in getting deeper into the GUI Editor and helping with design and shaping its future, the best possible thing you can do is to continue to give us tangible feedback and input right here on the forum. We pay close attention to everything the community says and asks for.

So no time better than right now to start throwing out suggestions and improvement ideas!

One pro-tip I’ll offer is that images help whenever possible, when it comes to tool design. So any time you have a suggestion or idea, if you can ever provide a picture or several pictures, it will immensely help us understand what’s in your head. As they say “a picture is worth a thousands words.”

And again, welcome to the family!