Babylon.js 6.0 Code Freeze

Hey All,

The countdown to Babylon.js 6.0 has officially begun!

As we approach the release we are “freezing” the Babylon.js code to focus on stability and final polish on the release.

This means we will not be merging any new major feature contributions until after the release (currently scheduled for March 30th).


OMG!!! Come on Atreyu!!! BJS6 :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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BTW, can I confirm major feature of 6.0? When 5.0 was released, major feature such as GUI Editor, Animation Curve Editor, Material Plugin, WebGPU, Performance Profiler, and so on had been released.
I searched github and medium of BJS, I could not find any info.

If these are not secret, I’ll appreciate I can know.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

We never keep secrets!
Oh, wait… well, maybe one or two! :wink:


Thanks for your reply @RaananW !

I’m looking forward to them!

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@PirateJC Come on sir! 15 days… Spoilers :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::joy::joy::joy: