An Adventure with the Babylon.js GUI System!

Woot! this is massive!

Here is one I was making with code.

There are UI states, animated buttons, value reactive controls and a bunch of custom other custom controls.

Was just using it to prototype at one point and have actually used code from this in several projects now.

Ohh and I never turned on the moon dial on this one so here is a quick example of that being animated:



Wow, two amazeballs entries already, and each distinctively unique!

This bodes well for the rest of the contest :sunglasses:

Maybe not so good for @mawa, but we encourage competition! :laughing::blue_heart:

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Dear fellow BJSers,

Just so you know, I have started digging into the GUI Editor a bit more for this GUI Adventure ‘challenge’.

In my opinion, the GUI Editor is a great and promising tool. However, in its current Beta state, I couldn’t help but notice that it still has a number of issues with potential fixes, ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ features.

I’ve opened a new thread to share my UX with the Editor.

Please feel free (and obliged) to add your comments to it about your own experience.
The way I see it, it’s also our responsibility to turn this promising tool into a great tool.
And, there’s no better time to do this than during this ‘GUI Adventure’ and whilst the tool is still in Beta.

I have broad expectations for this tool. If you also have, don’t wait and please share your knowledge and XP today.

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