An error occurs when WebGPUEngine uses SSAO2

webgpuHardwareTexture.ts:70 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'destroy')
    at e.releaseMSAATexture (webgpuHardwareTexture.ts:70:25)
    at e.release (webgpuHardwareTexture.ts:124:14)
    at e.destroyDeferredTextures (webgpuTextureHelper.ts:2087:37)
    at t.endFrame (webgpuEngine.ts:2569:29)
    at t._renderLoop (engine.ts:1302:22)

It does work for me in the Playground? Which version are you using? Can you try with 6.2.0?

You may need to click the Inspector button.


Thanks for reporting, this PR will fix the problem:

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I originally wanted to submit this PR, but I think it would be too easy to fix it like this :joy: