An input state change callback

It would be great if all camera input interfaces had a mandatory callback when a camera movement happens, similar to the onPointerMovedObservable in FreeCameraMouseInput this would be a huge benefit in numerous situations. This would also be essential for on demand Rendering which would save battery life and reduce heat for mobile web applications. What are your thoughts?

This can of course be further expanded to have callbacks for all “animatable” functions, which can change the canvas buffer contents.

Hi @PetterG
All cameras should (to my knowledge) have a onViewMatrixChangedObservable,
it runs everytime the camera view is changed, e.g. is moved/zoomed/rotated in any way.

For on demand Rendering,
i think you should use scene.onPointerObservable to start the rendering process,
then stop the rendering in a scene.registerBeforeRender function if x time has passed since last pointerObserver,