An interactive music video

Hi everyone !

Two and a half lockdowns, learning programming and 3D starting from scratch, and several headaches later, it’s finally here ! I cound’t do it without the help of this forum, thank you ! :slight_smile:

Walk through dream-like landscapes to the sounds of Stagnant Pools and collect all the MNNQNS letters to get a special prize.

Enjoy !


Holy ****. This is amazing!!!
What a phenomenal music clip!! I went full screen and didn’t quit till I got the code :wink:
So creative, so much fun to walk around and discover.

And that’s the result after learning everything on your own? Wow, congrats. Can’t wait to see more of your work!

Pinging @PirateJC to do his magic :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much !
I didn’t know anything about Javascript and web programmation last year. I come from graphic design. I just had this project in mind and I wanted it to be playable online. Then I discovered Babylon.js! My code is really messy, but it’s working ahah

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Hey amazing!! Congratulations!
I was a bit scared to get attacked by zombies :smiley: It reminds me a level in Left for Dead 2 :zombie:


EDIT: The movement could be a bit faster, I couldn’t get to the end yet but I’m curious :smiley: What is MNNQNS anyway?


Do you have a tweet about it or a Twitter account we could use to promote it?

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Thank you for your comment Roland! I’ll make a note of it. If you want to move faster, you can click and press arrow on keyboard at the same time, you move twice as fast (but shhh, that’s something I couldn’t fix).

MNNQNS is a french Rock Band, my brother is the bassist in it.

The slow movement is very cool and it plays well with the music though! Going to try the “hack”, I want to see the end. Just wanted to tell by this that a lot of people will unfortunately miss the end, because they are so impatient as I am. :joy:
Best regards to your brother then!

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Thank you very much Deltakosh !
Unfortunately I don’t have a twitter account… Only instagram :

There is also a teaser available on youtube on the MNNQNS channel:

EDIT : I saw that MNNQNS made a post on their Twitter :

Ok, so once again, this is so creative!! :heart_eyes_cat:
But dude, where is the Q? :smiley: I got through the whole scene but I’ve missed the Q. :frowning: Ok, don’t want you to spoiler, going to find it :smiley:

EDIT: have a better plan, my daughter is going to find it, she wants to, she likes your production as well :slight_smile:

EDIT2: Ok, so I’ve found them before, but didn’t notice this:

Thanks for the cool experience!

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And getting back my hotheaded slow movement comment, I’m sorry :roll_eyes: , it is playing hand to hand with the music.

I believe, you can do it using a flag.
Set the flag to true in a onKeyDown handler.
Check this flag when you handle the click. If the flag is true, ignore the click.
Set the flag to false in a onKeyUp handler.

EDIT: the flag is just a boolean variable defined in a scope reachable by both the key handler and the click handler.

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I fell into the pool to save the guitare and got lost in space! unbelievable! :smiley:

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@necips There is another one just right next to the TV :smiley: Don’t risk anymore!

It’s really great ! music is also great !

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@Yoco This is SOOOOO cool!!!

Wow that was super fun to experience!

The singing head islands was a personal favorite moment!

Any objection to us adding this to the community webpage?

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Thank you very much @PirateJC ! (and also thanks for your tutorials !)

I’ll be glad to be on the community webpage !

So glad the tutorial videos are helpful! Thanks for sharing your awesome work with the community!

It’s now live on the community page!


This is awesome! I love the twisting corridor. At first I thought it was a postprocessing effect, but it’s just geometry… Clever :slight_smile:

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