Animate position and target of ArcRotateCamera simultaniusly

Hi, not sure if it’s really a bug, maybe im just not getting it. I want to animate my ArcRotateCamera to a new position and turn it in the direction of a new target, so basically i have fixed position and target values. For the position i wrote a piece of code a while ago to get alpha, beta and radius and animate the camera, but when i try to run an animation to a new target simultaniusly it somehow blocks the other animation, if i start it on 50 from 100 keyframes only half the positioning animation is shown and stops in an instance. Is this the expected behavior or am i doing something wrong.

Here the code part where i get the aplha, beta, radius, but it fails as soon as i have a panning in the target

getArcRotateDataFromPosition(camera: ArcRotateCamera, position?: Vector3, target?: Vector3) {
	const positionCamera = new ArcRotateCamera('positionCamera', 0.1, 0.1, 1, target ||, this.scene, false);
	positionCamera.setPosition(position || camera.position.clone());
	const { alpha } = positionCamera;
	const { beta } = positionCamera;
	const { radius } = positionCamera;

	return {
		alpha: alpha,
		beta: beta,
		radius: radius

Hey! to get help you will need to repro the issue in the playground so we can have a look at the code

Maybe it’s the same problem than in this Synchronized camera animations?