Animating quaternions

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Have anyone had luck animating quaternions without having it go through the shortest path / arc? I know you could just add an in-between quaternion to interpolate, but it’s proven not to be inefficient. Just wondering if anyone has had success doing this, would love any tip as regards to solving this issue.

Maybe @bghgary ?

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I haven’t tried, but in theory, if the quaternion is on different hemispheres (since q = -q), then interpolating them will take the longer path, but I don’t think this will be a reliable way to animate. I have only heard of people interpolating big arcs with Euler angles.

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I have tried euler, doesnt work well too, well i guess the best bet will be keyframing the quaternions.


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This should work. If you can send a PG of what you are trying to do, I can take a look.

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sorry for late response, I was able to resolve it by doing some conversions between euler and quaternion

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was your problem animating quaternion in a full circle or more ? what was your solution ? converting the quaternion to Euler and animate it instead ?

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Hello @MeshSlayer

So yeah that’s basically what I was trying to do, I applied my angles in euler, then converted them to quaternions.