Animation adds NAN at the end (babylon GUI)

when I’m trying to change url by animation, it doesn’t work bcs NaN is added at the end. I fixed that by checking the last 3 characters of the url string but it doesn’t work anyway.

am I doing something wrong?

after adding NaN checker funcionality:

I’m afraid this will not work. You cannot blend in another image with an animation by replacing the source.
You would need another technique for that. Like a node material. Let me just check because I sort of remember a recent topic of something similar… see if I can find it. Meanwhile, you can already forget about this option, it will never work (sry).

Edit: Here is a revised version of your PG using the animation control method. I created a duplicate of the image and run an animation to bring the front image to an alpha of 0. Simple enough, but I believe not the outmost in terms of best practice. Though, it works…


Thanks for helping me diligently :heart:

You’re welcome and have a beautiful sunday :sunglasses:

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