Animation between two cameras from imported scene

in an imported mesh I have set two cameras (Camera_1 and Camera_2).
Now I just want animation between these two cameras. In my example just moving Camera_1 to exact same position and rotation of Camera_2
For position it is easy (through parent position). But the final rotation (target) is wrong.
My example (around line 33):
After activation of Camera_2 in inspector you will see that it should point downwards.

Thank you!

Hi imperator,

First of all, welcome to Babylon; and second of all, it looks like you pretty much had it! I just copy-pasted what you did for position and did the same thing for rotationQuaternion–using a helper function that you’d already created, in fact–and I ended up with this:

Does that look like roughly what you’re going for?

Perfect - thank you so much for your help! Yes I was very close because I already thought about 4 parameter rotation but I have just overseen that parameter.