Combining Camera Animations

Hey everyone,

I am trying to change position and rotation of my camera based on mesh click. I want my camera to move to the mesh and target it but after that I want my camera stay free. I made some search about this and find this playground:

It is almost what I want but problem is it does two animation separately and it looks not smooth. Is there any chance to make this two different animation combined ? So camera can start to move and target to mesh at the same time.

Seems that you may find the answer here - Combining Animations | Babylon.js Documentation

Hey Labris thanks for answer,

This works for mesh objects but not working for camera unfortunately. I just tried to change box object with camera like this: but didn’t work unfortunately.

On the phone now, so just quick idea: set the box as camera’s parent.
I’ll have a look at your example a bit later.

I set box as camera’s parent, instead of having movement animations; there are some light effect changes on sides of the box like this:

Anyone can solve this problem? I am open to all ideas about this camera animation.

I just want my camera go to in front of a mesh and look to the mesh (change rotation) at the same time smoothly.