Animation bugs?

I can’t animate from specific keys? it always goes past the “to” value and finishes out.

this happens for both animationGroup and scene.beginAnimation.

scene.beginAnimation allows you to use positive values of speedRatio for reverse animations.
AnimationGroup.start requires a negative value on reverse.

Can you update AnimationGroup.start to match the scene behavior?

I would try to do it myself, but I don’t have a typescript build system and I am having difficulty finding where the code is running.

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Not sure to see what is wrong as there is a lot of non related code in your PG
what are you expecting? Where is the relevant code you want to discuss?

AnimationGroup should also support reverse animations (to < from) with positive speedRatio.I will fix that :slight_smile:

thank you for the fix sir.

I recreated one of the other animation PG to reduce the code.

Normal animation: start at 3x big, shrink to nothing.
Reverse: come from nothing, end 3x big.

if I try to do just specific range of keys, like first 2, it does not stop at the key, which should leave it scaled at 1.5x. the documentation leads me to think it is supposed to.

lines 72 on are where the animation is invoked.

It will also be fixed in next nightly :wink:

Thanks for reporting it

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np. i always wonder if something i see is a bug or my lack of experience with 3d engines and what not. not what I am used to :slight_smile:

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