Animation layers and rig masks

Hi, is there a way to define real-time animation layers like in Unity (Unity - Manual: Animation Layers)?

I saw in the docs that you can define weights to animations to blend them, but is there a way to set a mask on the rig such that animations will only affect certain bones at runtime?

For example, I want the top half of my character to swing a sword and simultaneously have the lower body be either running, idle, strafing, etc. I don’t want to create new upper body and lower body animations neither and I’m looking for a real-time rig masking/layering option.

If it does support it, how would i go about this? Is there additive and override blending?

This is unfortunately not supported as far as I know. Ping @Deltakosh for confirmation.

That is correct but honestly it should not be too hard to clone an animationGroup and remove the targeted animations that target unwanted bones

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Actually it could be a fun feature to add to animation groups :wink:

Here is the deal: you give me a license free glb file that I can use to test, a definition on how you want to apply your masks and I add the feature for 4.1 :slight_smile:


It would be an interesting feature. Thank you for add it. :slightly_smiling_face:

wait it is not validated yet :slight_smile: I need a repro glb file