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I’m starting a new project, and wondering if Animation Layers (or something similar) exists. I found some mention of them here: Animation layers and rig masks - #3 by Deltakosh

The feature I’m looking for is to have distinct upper body and lower body animations for a single mesh character. The kind of thing where the lower body can be running while the upper body is swinging an axe or playing a cheering animation or w/e. Ideally it would also be nice to have if the run were a full-body animation, and then to be able to play that upper body animation and have it take full weight control over just the upper body bones, possibly blending with the run before it reaches full weight. There’s already a way to accomplish this via cutting the model into pieces – and maybe that’s better for somehow, I’m not sure.

But what I’m here to ask is whether the notion of a layer or mask (a group of bones or vertices that becomes the target of animation) exists yet or could easily be made. I guess I’m also curious about whether one would want to use such a feature when compared to the alternative of cutting up the model into two or more pieces and making the animations for the individual parts. (?)

That forum post linked above suggests “cloning an animationGroup and removing the targeted animations that target unwanted bones” and that sounds like a good starting point. I guess I’m also wondering if this feature already exists, or if anyone has found out whether that approach is a still recommended or not. I’d love to dive in and share the resulting code if anyone else is interested in a similar thing.


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We do not have that per se but we support additive animations. Maybe it could be enough for your need?
Advanced Animation Methods | Babylon.js Documentation

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