Late changes in animation blending or weight?

Quick question: While touring my scene before an upcoming release, I realize my character animation blending changed. Did yours make any change to this aspect lately? (since ~end february)
Thanks and meanwhile have a great day :sunglasses:

cc @Evgeni_Popov

We didn’t make a lot of changes to the animation system in the last 3 weeks:

Are you using the deterministic mode? We fixed a bug in that mode that could impact the animations:

Thanks for your reply. I didn’t use deterministic lockstep. At least, not explicitly. Don’t know if it can be activate through some of the performance optimization helpers? Anyway, checked back on an earlier scene I created just for this character animation and it still works the same, so it must be something I did in my scene after integration. I’ll figure it out eventually. Thanks again for your help and have a great day :sunglasses: