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Hello everyone! I’m trying to figure out 3D modeling, it seems to work, but I’m stuck on one thing. When I use scene.beginAnimation (Mesh, 0, 100, true, 1.0) everything is fine, my object does the right thing. But can I use this function to invert the animation so that it starts at frame 100 and ends at frame zero. I tried using it, the animation was not performed at all. Is there any method for the scene to do reverse animation?

The results will depend on chosen animation method and a bunch of other parameters.
You may find this thread useful - Playing Animation Groups Backward - Questions - Babylon.js

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Here is an example from my experience :

Gruffalo Island

The creature sits/stands by hitting the “S” key. The animation to sit is called by:

myScene.beginAnimation(mySkeleton[0],1,30,false, 1);

and to stand with:

myScene.beginAnimation(mySkeleton[0],30,1,false, 1);

Note the “start” and “end” values are reversed in the call.

Now, I am not looping the animation, so maybe that makes a difference.

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