Animation wrong path in v4.2

Its a bit related to my previous post on animations. I am using temporary fix for parsing animation from json file. I have a simple simulation of object running in circle. Position for x and z follow sine and cosine to make a circle. Rotation does full 360.

When I run it in bjs latest v5 it does what it suppose to which is a circle movement. When I run it in 4.2 it some shape with corners.
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We are not releasing fixes for 4.2 so you could use our preview version for 5.0 ?

In my project I use 4.2 and thats where I see the issue of the path being incorrect. I am not sure if its connected to json files format. I could try to recreate the animations manually in code. I would upgrade to v5 but I thought its not released yet.
Now when I think about it the issue could be related to the tangents in the sine and cosine for x and z positions.

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v5 is fully stable no worries :slight_smile: there are still a couple of in progress feats but nothing related to animations.

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cool, I will give it a go then :+1: