Animation is not playing in Babylonjs Version 5.2.0

Animation is not working when rigging(Clone) animation from one glb model to another glb model in babylonjs latest version 5.2.0, Where as it is working in older versions (<4.0)

here is the playground Url

When we switch to v5.2.0 animation will not work where as in the v4.2.0 it will work please help me with this issue

I think this is linked to some changes we did to gltf loader in 5.0

cc @bghgary

Here you go:

For glTF, you need to target the transform node from the glTF instead of the skeleton bone.

See similar issue here: Animation group copy not working in Babylon 5


Thank you for helping me, It works.

Can you please help with provide me suggestions, How i can apply weight animations and animation blending while switching the animations with navigation?

I have tried but unable to achieve the result

Have you checked out the documentation? Advanced Animation Methods | Babylon.js Documentation

Thank you for your help :blush:

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