AnimationGroup to and from value unit change on 5.2.0 vs 4.2.1

Hi, recently we upgraded to 5.2.0 from 4.2.1 and our animations logic are broken. I tried to dig where the problem happens. And I found that the issue is related to animationGroup ‘to’ and ‘from’ return value is in different unit from 4.2.1. We manage our animations using those values from database. The current value goes beyond the range of the previous values, and this broken our animation logic.

To make it clear: this return values are from the logic

  • 4.2.1 return value is 2.4583332538604736
  • 5.2.0 return value is 147.49999523162842

So, my question is

  • is this expected change on 5.2.0 and forward versions?
  • what is the unit of measure for this value?

Thanks in advance.

I assume you are loading gltf files right?
This is a breaking change that was documented there (I HATE breaking changes and I truly apologize for it):
Babylon.js/what’s at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

GLTF Animations are loaded at 60 FPS by default, instead of the previous 1 FPS. ([carolhmj](

More specifically, you can restore the previous behavior like this:

BABYLON.SceneLoader.OnPluginActivatedObservable.add(function(plugin) {
  if ( === "gltf") {
    plugin.targetFps = 1;

Yes, it’s a breaking change but one that makes sense and overall improves consistency, I believe.
So don’t be too harsh on you and the team. It’s not as if it would happen all too often (it’s actually very rare and way above average in my opinion). Have a great day :sunglasses:,

I had the same issue in my project, but figured out the change… Might be an annoying issue in the larger ongoing projects but I think the new functionality is better than the old (was a bit odd to specify values between 0-1).

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I agree. There are times where a breaking change is simply needed to evolve. I believe this is one of these.

@Deltakosh Thank you so much. It happens. I am sure the new change will perform well.

Thanks again, will come back if I got more questions.

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