Animation Group Recent Changes

Did we change AnimationGroup recently (At least from the Beta to RC)…

Because my Unity Style Animation State machine was using AnimimatioGroup.from and to which used to be in TIME… Like 3.97 seconds … now the same animation using new BJS has values in FRAMES… like 238…

So 238 / 60 FPS = the 3.97 i was looking for to be in the from and to fields of AnimationGroup.

Is that the way it is now… FRAMES instead of TIME ???

Ohhhhh this rings a bell to me… @bghgary and @carolhmj maybe ???

Yes, @carolhmj made this change to accommodate the animation curve editor. You can revert back to the old behavior if you set the glTF loader option targetFps to 1.

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Thanks @bghgary

Is OnPluginActivatedObservable the ONLY way to set the targetFps property

yes it is at the moment