AnimationGroups for child nodes are missing after cloning using InstantiateModelsToScene

Hello guys,

I have been stuck for a while because of this. I have merged all the prefabs in Unity and exported all of them in a Single GLTF. Each prefabs have hierarchy in which there are models, animations , nodes etc. Now each prefab have a root in the exported GLTF . Now the problem is that when I load main GLTF using Scene.LoadAssetContainerAsync and see the animationGroups array, all animations are there. But when I clone root of these individual prefabs using InstantiateModelsToScene it turned out that entries.animationGroups array only has animationGroups for root and not for animationGroups associated with their children. How can I have access to animationGroups of children of root after cloning? Also, I can’t see those animationGroups in inspector as well.

If there’s no way to do so, Can i trigger animations for whole hierarchy or something? Thanks.

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@Evgeni_Popov can you help with this please.

Could you provide a simple repro PG? Looking at the code, the InstantiateModelsToScene method does clone all the entries from the animationGroups array…