Animation group copy not working in Babylon 5

I have a playground where I copy animation groups from one skeleton to another. This works fine in Babylon 4.2.1 (avatar does a little dance) but doesn’t work after Babylon 5. There are no errors in the console. Everything looks fine but the animation just does nothing. I have a playground here to demonstrate Does anyone know how to get it working in v5?

cc @Cedric to check :slight_smile:

I’m taking a look.


@bghgary It looks like it’s related to your changes with skeleton. Do you mind having a look?

I don’t think this is related to my skeleton changes.

I’m not exactly sure why it was working in 4.2, but it shouldn’t have. glTF animations target transform nodes and not bones directly. Retargeting should retarget the nodes not the bones.



Something noteworthy:
If using instantiated models, this (the fix above) only works now if you have the right target name and the right source name.
For example:

Assetcontainer.instantiateModelsToScene((sourceName: string) => sourceName, false)

Will guarantee that the node names are the same.