Another Fastbeam Builder


I thought I’d share a first-pass on the Fast Beam™ Builder: a tool to improve engagement, communication and 3D modelling.

BJS was seamlessly upgraded from v5.50.1 to v6.2.0, thanks to the awesome community!



Minor known issues but I think it’ll do. The aim was to build an accessible UX that does not require control inside the canvas. It’s not quite finished in terms of W3C accessibility but hopefully demonstrates the intent. This will be hosted in a Microsoft env.

easter eggs :egg: 3 seasons to find…


Wow this is AWESOME! The UI and visuals are extremely good :smiley: @PirateJC @thomlucc look!

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Thanks for sharing @j-te!

Very cool @j-te!

As this continues to solidify, let me know when you fell like it’s ready for some promotion. We’d love to share about it from the Babylon twitter account!

Awesome @j-te !!

The operation is impeccable, I love how the objects and the movement of the structure stand out.

As a detail, it occurs to me that it would be a good idea to add an ArcRotate type camera that always keeps the objective in the center of the model, they’re very comfortable especially on mobile devices for this type of apps.

And as a more personal point, I would look for a more “technological” font for, something that is not too flashy and that is easily readable.

For example

Congratulations on your great work.