Any plans of implementing QuadraticErrorSimplification in the exporters?

Any plans of implementing QuadraticErrorSimplification in the exporters?
It will be great it is implemented in MayaToBabylon and 3DSMaxToBabylon exporters.

Hello this is not on our roadmap as the exporters are aimed to export what is inside the DCC tools. So I would probably either recommend to do the simplification work inside max or maya

Thank you @Deltakosh,

But the important point is, the exported files are huge. Ability to display them in low end devices is at stake. To have wide reachability, usability and acceptability, tools like this are required. If you remember, I posted a query in the forum regarding WebGl snag. It is because if the heavy size/(many vertices) of the babylonfile.

So, I really need this tool to use Babylon to display my models in devices like Oculus GO.

I have line by line converted it to C#. But the output is not coming properly. Somewhere I did a mistake in reconstructMesh method. If I create a branch to MaxToBabylon Exporter and check-in my code, will someone be able to help me fixing the issue? As it is a line by line translation to C#, it will be easy for you guys to figure out the issue if you keep .cs and .ts files side by side.

Hoping for a positive response.

Thanks in advance.

We unfortunately have recently lost our exporters expert and we are desperately hiring !

So so far we cannot help, but once again I really think that this task is more for DCC tools than for the exporters