Update DCC exporters

It would be great to get all exporters on the same level.
It should not matter wich exporter we use we should get the same features and look.

On some exporters the ShadowGenerator is missing or the Skybox.
On some the scene Units arnt matching.

An Artist should be able to click export and see a similar “look” in Babylon and there DCC.
Im sure this will lead to great Demo Scenes.!

Yes but do not forget they are all open source free projects. And we don’t have a lot of help on exporters. Thanks to @JCPalmer we have a wonderful blender exporter and thanks to @MackeyK24 we have an incredibly cool Unity3D exporter

For max and Maya only @Drigax and @kcoley work on it so far.

As this is open source, everyone should feel empowered to help and contribute. Even if it is just documentation. We can all together make it better

Same features: depends a little on what a platform already has. The same option on one platform may be far easier to implement than on others.

Same Look: never gonna happen, probably not even for different exporters from the same program, unless it is the same author. I try to use whatever UI there may already be in Blender, if possible. This hinders making things look the same.

You are more likely to get similar features from different glTF exporters, though we do not control the one for Blender (do not know whether they are accepting PR’s). Simply because the scope of glTF is smaller.

I just make up the new stuff I add. I have no intention of checking first if others are going to do the same. If someone suggests something that I myself am not going to use, I require they implement any code to read the file on the Javascript side.

While ideally it would be nice, I have a feeling that many more people only use one program. Those wanting free, go with Blender or maybe Unity. Those doing it for work at a company, have less concern about cost, but may be mandated by policy for consistency reasons to stick with the approved one.

The number of artists is far out numbered by the number of programmers, as well. They probably do not want to be switching, as they are probably hanging on for dear life on the program they use.

Thanks for the detailed answer.

As for the same look im talking about the exported assets. Like a light with intensity 25 should look the same regardless if its exported from blender or maya.

You are right Artist do not like to change there tools they spend 20 years to master.

Would be nice to get the most used features exported.


Hey Oglu,

Differences in scene export are definitely something that we want to minimize. If there are any issues or lack of features that you run into please do let us know, or feel free to submit a PR.

As @JCPalmer said, we currently maintain separate exporters for each program, due to the differences in interface, and capabilities of the programs, and often added features or bug fixes aren’t always ported between each exporter. Not the optimal approach for consistency, for sure.