Any thoughts on the new Sony XR headset?

Seems like Sony is coming out with a new headset

I read this in the article:

This spatial content creation system, equipped with an XR head-mounted display with 4K OLED Microdisplays and Sony’s proprietary rendering technology

The words “Sony’s propietary rendering technology” were a bit of a bummer.

Apparently it’ll support some kind of USD format through the OpenUSD standard: USD Home — Universal Scene Description 23.11 documentation

I’m not well versed in all things Sony so I really have no idea what to expect from this as a platform, does anyone else have any thoughts on it? Do we think BabylonJS could support it? Or will it be too far off from WebXR stuff?

Would love to hear any and all thoughts on this :smiley:

If it supports WebXR it will be all good but if not :frowning:

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