Babylon Native & WebXR for use in production

Hello BJS Dev Team & fellow Babylonians,

I’m wondering if I can get an update on the state of Babylon Native; is it mature enough for use in production, and how does the WebXR component fare with it?

A bit of background on what I’m working on: I’ve developed an Electron program for Windows that allows the user to upload 3D assets into an editor of sorts, then view the scene in VR by starting up a local server with Node and launching a web instance of the project in their browser of choice. The only downside is the inconsistency between browsers; I’m testing with a Rift S, and so far Firefox can have positional issues that take you far away from the scene (even on repositioning), Chrome inverses the pointer (I reorient each frame), and Edge seems to be peachy (as of writing this).

The idea of porting it over to Babylon Native seems beyond appealing, but I know little about it, and from what I read it’s still in development. Does anyone have experience working with VR in it, or can one of the devs point me towards a resource that’d help inform me.

Thanks for your time!

I should note that I’ve gone over the GitHub documentation, so I guess what I’m looking for is more informal experience using it, or bugs that are present, etc.

Babylon Native is certainly still in development. Using it in production may be premature. We don’t have a lot of resources describing usage in XR yet, but the goal for HMD is to support any device that support the OpenXR runtime. I know it works in Windows MR devices (e.g. Samsung HMD Odyssey and HoloLens 2). @bnolan tried using this with the Oculus Rift at some point and filed an issue that we haven’t had time to look at yet.

Good to know. Thanks for the reply!

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Pretty sure multiview is already in OpenXR. Do not remember where I saw it, but think that is related to OVRInterface.

Saw this in shown in the issue. I it had worked, would this imply multiview would have worked, even though webXR does not have it?

I wonder how that would work in Babylon Native; do you work directly with the OpenXR API to implement multiview, or does the WebXR get ported over to OpenXR on compile. Questions, questions, and more questions lol.

Actually, I was starting to think that since WebXR does not have multiview yet, that this could be the reason that the build failed. Have not worked with OpenXR, but I can search.

This is just kind of a wild guess, but having an openXR layer thinking it is going to be doing multiview, but not getting the correct calls from the framework cause WebXR does not implement it yet, might be reason enough for things to go thud.

Have a quest 2 (Android), not Rift (Windows). Have been waiting for this to be researched, or at least some directions on how to do a build for it.

If I’m not mistaken, the multiview property exists for WebXR but setting it to ‘true’ doesn’t do anything, so it shouldn’t be failing the build. Here’s my reference: Multiview webxr (and optimization in general)