Has anybody an experience with BabylonXR and Linux?

Hey! I wonder if BabylonXR supports devices like Pico4, Oculus Quest 2 under Linux? Or is it Windows only solution?

Babylon.js uses WebXR which is an open standard, so if these devices support it then it should work no matter the system :slight_smile:

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What devices do you use for WebXR & BabylonJS and with what devices you have better experience?

For example, Pico4 is not supported by WebXR yet. “Hand tracking is not supported yet, XR layers are not fully supported” - it’s not the best experience with VR as I suppose :slightly_smiling_face:

So I wonder what devices have the best support for WebXR by your experience? In terms of using it with BabylonJS.

I don’t have any XR device but @RaananW does ^^

Babylon supports every device that supports the webxr standard. It has nothing to do with OS or device directly - it is related to the device’s implementation of the standard and the browser you are using to start the experience.
If the Pico4 supports webxr - we support it. Oculus? fully supported (though I haven’t tried it on a different OS, to be honest).
My recommendation is to check with the vendor if they offer webxr support and on what operating systems - those devices will be fully supported by babylon