Anyone one used gltfpack?

Looking at it, it seems great. Supports conversion to KTX2, and does loads of optimisations so you get better realtime performance, lower RAM usage, and much smaller downloads. The only thing is, is that it adds a parent to all your objects which is a bit of a pain when our project has already been written and references objects without these parents.

Anyone got any advice on how to strip out or it not generate the parent nodes?

Many thanks

Adding @bghgary who may have already used it(?)

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I have used it, but wasn’t aware it adds a parent. Can you post an issue on the gltfpack GitHub? zeux is usually very responsive.

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Ah yeah, nice one will do. many thanks

Are you sure it’s gltfpack adding the parent, not babylonjs? Babylonjs adds a parent to all gltf/glb files loaded, as gltf files are right handed whereas bjs (by default) is left handed, so the parent does the necessary transform on the mesh. This parent is added even if your scene is also right handed (I assume for consistency).


Yeah good point. I think its gltfpack . The developer of it messaged us back and said it has to be done this way because the meshes are recreated, the old one is deleted and then the new one sits underneath a parent that is names as the old mesh. I think its alot of work for them to do it any other way. Its an awesome tool though, and amazing that they made it for the community.

We have a way of using it, will just not be as neat a solution.

Thank you all for the replies her too :slight_smile: