API to access Playground?

Is there an API for the playground where I can get the raw JavaScript or TypeScript given a specific playground URL?

Do you mean just downloading locally?

No, I want to access a playground JavaScript or Typescript file from my application, is there a raw script URL for the playground?- no UI - just the code.

I think I get what you’re looking for? If you download and loaded playground url locally you’d be able to get the raw javascript code for it.

But what I think you’re looking for is just being able to call an function that will load in a PG? Correct? For GUI there is a simple API command. As for a PG I don’t think it openly exists BUT feel free to take a glance in source code for how we create the playground from a snippet.

If that’s what you’re looking for…let me see if I can find the file for you. Let me know! :slight_smile:

if I had an API function to return the JS or TS snippet, that would be perfect!

So it is protected by CORS and you should not be able to access them from a different domain than the playground. The idea is to have a predictable (mostly traffic cost and such) for our services.


that makes sense. Thanks.