Apply and move a sticker to a car part

Hello! Can you help me with such intresting thing - for exaple I want to write a new redactor for needForSpeed and in my garage i want to tuning my car with stickers. So how can I move texture on the shape of car’s bumper for example? Can i do this with babylon.js? The perfect result will be if i will can move texture by mouse in 3d scene

The keyword you want to is “decals” :wink: Decals | Babylon.js Documentation

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i saw the decal but it’s a little has a reduce functional, how can i make do something like this? i wanna rotate and move decal or another mesh/image on surface or

i continue to thinking how i can realize it, and the main goal to drag the decal is vusalize for user how it will looks if he click image here. so i wrote this

May be some one know why the decal is rotate on the cat’s tail? and how to prevent this

It rotates because the decal reuses the UV coordinates on the cat. On the tail the UV are rotated to match the surface

So you need to update the mesh so that UVs are always aligned